Challenges of the old trading model

Probably the greatest issue in the business is the absence of an advantageous single-passage answer for exchanging crypto resources.

  1. Resource costs fluctuate from various DEXes and CEXes – clients frequently experience difficulty contrasting costs between different exchanging stages.
  2. The absence of instruments to help speculation systems like exchange and CTA – most exchange apparatuses on DEXes are lacking and not easy to understand to institutional and singular financial backers.
  3. Liquidity is parted into a few DEXes – lacking liquidity on AMMs brings about high slippage.
  4. Resources on standard public chains, for example, ETH can’t be traded with resources on other public chains.

Solutions TrustKeys offers… Hybrid crypto’s applications in one single ecosystem that provided individual data security within the digital assets management and exchange.

  • Full bind collection to give a solitary access to spot and subsidiaries exchanging
  • Aggregates standard DEXes on different public chains.
  • Further totals spot and subsidiary exchanging on standard CEXes.
  • Supports cross-chain trade exchanges.
  • Intelligent routing and machine learning to offer best rates
  • Intelligent steering and AI to offer the best rates and least potential gas expenses
  • Applies an upgrading calculation dependent on Dijkstra and D-star to get the underlying best course. Also, it continually advances the courses dependent on AI utilizing stage information.
  • Offers the best cost to clients by contrasting the costs on amassed DEXes and the best cost on CEXes.
  • Protects client interests by constant financing slippage misfortunes with TRUSTK tokens.
  • Utilizes straightforward valuing instrument without charging extra convention exchange expenses.
  • Better liquidity and smoother exchanging experience.
  • Integrates the liquidity of standard DEXes and CEXes to give better exchange profundity and quicker reaction rate.
  • Supports standard wallets.
  • Supports one-stop exchanges on any CEX with TrustKeys portfolio edge pool and TrustKeys wallet.
  • Offers sufficient exchange devices to financial backers
  • Customizes UI to ensure merchants are not missing any valuable data across DEXes and CEXes.
  • For singular financial backers: gives an ease to understand interface to help spot and subsidiary exchanges with the best cost and most minimal slippage. limit orders and candlestick chart tools, profit and loss setting, timely monitoring and reminders, tailor-made APIs with customized user interface that supports trading strategies.
  • For institutional financial backers: offers exchange instruments, for example, limit requests and candle graph devices, benefit and misfortune setting, ideal observing and updates, customized APIs with a modified UI that backings exchanging techniques.


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