KyberSwap and TrustKeys Network

Partnership Announcement: KyberSwap and TrustKeys Network

We are thrilled to announce an extraordinary partnership that is set to revolutionize the Web3 world. KyberSwap and TrustKeys Network have joined forces to create a game-changing transformation in the decentralized technology space. This collaboration brings together two innovative platforms, combining their strengths to unlock new possibilities and empower individuals in unprecedented ways.

Get ready for a game-changing transformation in the Web3 world as KyberSwap and TrustKeys Network come together in an extraordinary partnership

Introducing TrustKeys Network

TrustKeys Network is a revolutionary Web3 Social-Fi platform that aims to empower individuals to monetize their contributions to the crypto industry, allowing them to earn more. The platform provides trustworthy resources and a secure environment for investment. 

TrustKeys Network’s blockchain-based ecosystem offers an array of decentralized products and services, including a fully encrypted Web3 chat, a user-friendly non-custodial wallet, a social-fi platform, an NFT marketplace, launchpad, exchange and attractive staking programs.

Explore more about TrustKeys Network:

Website | GitHub | Medium | Discord | Twitter | Docs | Instagram

Introducing KyberSwap

Kyber Network is revolutionizing Decentralized Finance. Their flagship product KyberSwap, a DEX aggregator and liquidity platform, provides the best rates for traders in DeFi and maximizes returns for liquidity providers through capital-efficient protocols. Through KyberSwap, users can access trading tools such as Limit Orders for precise trading, KyberAI with AI-powered signals, and Cross-chain Swaps for seamless liquidity across blockchains, empowering their DeFi journey.

KyberSwap powers 100+ integrated projects and currently supports 15 chains, aggregating liquidity from over 70 DEXs, and has powered over $20B in transactions.

Explore more about KyberSwap:
KyberSwap | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Facebook | Forum | Github | Docs | Kyber Network

A Forceful Branding Partnership:

Witness the powerful union of KyberSwap and TrustKeys Network, as they join forces to ignite a branding revolution in the Web3 community. Together, we will reshape the industry’s landscape and establish ourselves as frontrunners in the exciting new era of decentralized technologies. Brace yourself for a wave of innovation and transformation like never before!

TrustKeys Network as a Flagship User:

Within this collaboration, TrustKeys Network stands as a distinguished partner, harnessing the full potential of KyberSwap’s capabilities. By integrating these insights, TrustKeys Network enriches its platform, offering users an unparalleled Web3 experience.


The collaboration between KyberSwap and TrustKeys Network marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3. By joining hands, we are redefining the core essence of Web3, opening doors to a boundless realm of possibilities and empowering individuals in unprecedented ways. Get ready to embark on a journey of limitless potential and transformation!


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