Spin TrustKeys Lucky Wheel & Win The Prize

How to Get Started

  • Step 1: Login/register on TrustKeys App. Visit the Lucky Wheel landing page.
  • Step 2: Click Spin on the event page to unlock your gifts. The cursor will rotate and finally stay on the designated circle. The information displayed in this box is the result of your gift.

What are the prize categories that can be won?

  • 100 TRUSTK
  • 1 TRUSTK
  • 0.5 TRUSTK
  • 0.3 TRUSTK
  • 0.1 TRUSTK
  • 0.01 TRUSTK
  • 1 TRX
  • +1 Spin
  • None. Please note that “None” means that there is no reward.

How can I collect more free spins?

  • Verify mobile phone number
  • Like, share this activity on social media or any other communities
  • Successfully referred friends to sign up for a TrustKeys account
  • Deposit & Trade on SPOT trading pairs

Terms & Conditions

  • Rewards distribution:
    • Token rewards will be distributed to your spot account when you win the Event.
    • Each day runs from 0:00 AM (UTC) to 11:59 PM (UTC.)
  • TrustKeys reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. TrustKeys will make best efforts to choose high-quality coins, but will not be responsible for your trading losses.

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