Buying Crypto on TrustKeys P2P Platform Guideline

Step 1: Click “P2P Trading” on the homepage.


Step 2: Select “P2P” and “Buy“.

Step 3: Choose the coin you want to buy.

Step 4: Choose to filter by fiat currency or by quantity, by payment method or more information.

Case 1: Filter by fiat currency.

1.1: Click the icon to filter by fiat currency.

1.2: Choose a fiat currency.

Case 2: Filter by multiple information “Amount, payment method, ..”

2.1: Select the filter icon .

2.2: Enter the amount, select “Payment method“, select “Only show ads from merchants“. (Optional)

2.3: Click “Apply“.

Step 5: Select a sale and click “Buy“.

Step 6: Select the form of purchase “By Fiat” or “By Crypto” and enter the quantity.

Step 7: Select “Buy” and choose your payment method.    


Step 8: Go to the payment app to make a money transfer to the seller.

Step 9: Click “Transferred, notify seller“. You need to wait for the seller to unlock the coin.


  • HEED
  • Absolutely do not mention the content that contains “Buy usdt”, “Buy bitcoin”, “Buy btc” in the money transfer note.
  • You can still trade after the trading term ends. Contact your partner so you can exchange faster.
  • The number of cancellations a day will be changed over a certain period of time.
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