In tune with the greatest football show on the planet, decentralized social network TrustKeys Network launches the Going wild with World Cup, Massive Gifts from TrustKeys program for all members participating in football prediction activity on TrustKeys platform. Join for FREE!

To boost up the program, TrustKeys will give a number of FCUP22 token to all members, as the initial reward. FCUP22 will be used as “reward points” and can be converted into extremely valuable rewards. Reward points can be earned through activities on the platform such as:

Just use your daily free time to interact and receive great rewards!


a. The Referral Program
  • Each person is assigned a referral code in TrustKeys app (check out our tutorial!).
  • Successful invitee: enters the referral code and successfully completes eKYC (check out our eKYC tutorial!).
  • Both the inviter and invitee will receive huge reward points.
  • At least invite 1000 friend to claim reward.

(Tips: Remind your friends to enter the referral code first!)

b. Football Quizzes and Prediction program
  • The program has at least 66 “Episodes” or posts and maximum 3 questions/post.
    • 2 “Opening Episodes” starting from November 14th, 2022 to November 19th, 2022.
    • 64 “Prediction Episodes” corresponding to 64 World Cup matches.
  • There are 3 types of questions:
    • Normal question – choose the answer: The result is displayed after answering. Get points for each correct answer.
    • Prediction question – enter or select the following answer: The result will be displayed when Admin announces it. Players will CLAIM reward points themselves. If the player does not CLAIM, the reward points will be automatically transferred to the their Spot Wallet.
    • Contribution question – enter or select the following answer: Similar to a Prediction question. However, there is an additional requirement: players need to contribute their points to the Reward Pool (each player is required to contribute the SAME amount of points to the Pool); For each correct answer, players will receive their contributed points back; plus additional reward points from Admin; plus the amount of points distributed from the pool (from those who answered incorrectly).
  • Each episode may have different reward points, depending on the difficulty and question type.
  • Your total reward points is accumulated from: initial reward points, reward from lucky spins, prediction quizzes, and the referral program.


  • Main prizes:
    • 1 iPhone 14 Pro Max for the highest overall reward score.
    • 1 iPhone 14 Pro for the highest reward score in the World Cup “group stage”.
    • 1 iPhone 14 Pro Max – “TrustKeys Ambassador Award” for the person who “invites the most friends successfully (at least 1000 friend)”
      • If there are multiple equal highest-score players, the result will be decided based on the highest number of correct answers.

  • Secondary prizes:
    • 100 phone cards per week (4-week duration) or 8 USDT each for the top 100 highest earning point (Top 100 Growth By Week).Limit 1 prize for each player only and the player must have more than 1000 FCUP22.
      • Week 1: 20/11/2022 –  27/11/2022.
      • Week 2: 28/11/2022 – 04/12/2022.
      • Week 3: 05/12/2022 – 11/12/2022.
      • Week 4: 12/12/2022 – 18/12/2022
    • The player’s weekly score is calculated from the start of the week to the end of the week, reset in next week.
      • Example: Week 1 score is calculated from 20/11/2022 to 27/11/2022.
    • If there are multiple equal highest-score players, the reward will be decided based on the highest number of correct answers.
    • With weekly prizes, each customer – 1 email – 1 phone number will only win 1 secondary prize during the program.
  • Note: 
    • Players need to complete the account identification – KYC.  Players must provide a valid phone number so the organizers can contact. We do not accept cases of changing or losing phone numbers.
    • The above prizes can not be converted to cash.


  • At the end of each episode, the Organizer will compile a list and bonus points tokens of all players.
  • In case there are 2 or more players equal in points, the sub-criterion will be taken into account, respectively weighted from high to low as follows:
    • The player that has a higher number of correct prediction answers is prioritized.
    • The player that invited more friends is prioritized.
  • In any case, the decision of TrustKeys will be final.


  • For the main prize: The winners will be announced on the TrustKeys Network ‘s official channels within 3 days from the end of the WC 2022 Final match.
  • For secondary prizes: The results will be published weekly by the organizers on TrustKeys’ official channels.
  • After determining the winner, the organizers will contact the player via phone number, email used to participate in the program within 24 hours.


  • Lucky players will be confirmed by the organizers to claim the prize in the appropriate form.
  • In case the organizers cannot contact the winning customer or exceed the time to receive the prize, the organizers will transfer the prize to the next highest player.
  • The organizer will not be responsible when the bonus is lost due to players providing wrong personal information and contact information.

Above is all information about the “Going wild with World Cup, Massive Gifts from TrustKeys” program. We hope you will earn a lot of rewards from this program! <3.

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