Guide to buy TRUSTK on IDO

The purchase of TRUSTK during the IDO event is performed on two platforms including: Super App TrustKeys and Website. You can easily do it in one of two ways below:

Option 1: Buy directly on TrustKeys Super App.

Step 1: Deposit USDT or BNB into the TrustKeys exchange wallet according to the instructions HERE.

Step 2: Place a buy order TRUSTK in the pair TRUSTK/USDT or BNB/TRUSTK

Option 2: Buy through website


Step 1: Visit the website: 

and connect to the Metamask wallet by following:

Picture 1:

Picture 2:  Select Connect to Metamask

Picture 3:  Next choose one of the two options as shown in the picture

Picture 4: The interface displayed after selecting

Step 2: Buy TRUSTK

Picture 5: Once connected, the user’s wallet address will be displayed

Picture 6: Select Language. Select USDT

Picture 7: Click continue to move to the step of buying TRUSTK. Select the quantity to buy and press Approve

Picture 8:  Confirmation display

Picture 9: Approve process

Picture 10: Approve successful. 

Picture 11: Click Buy TRUSTK button. Click Confirm.

Picture 12: Buy TRUSTK transaction process (wait for completion)

Picture 13: Make a successful purchase. User can redirect to txhash to see transaction details.

Picture 14: Notification of metamask when transaction is successful.

Note: During the operation, when pressing continue but the user does not have a mainnet bsc, the screen will display a message requesting network transfer / or requesting to add a network to Metamask if there is no display.

In addition, you need to enter the amount of TRUSTK corresponding to an amount less than or equal to the amount of USDT you have so that the system does not report an error.

  1. BUY ON PC

Step 1: Access to

Step 2: Connect to Metamask or ƯalletConnect.

Step 3 : Unlock Metamask and sign to login

Interface after successful login

Step 4: Select the currency to perform IDO is USDT or BNB (If the Metamask is not correct, the network will automatically request a network transfer.).

Interface after successful network change

Step 5: Enter the amount of TRUSTK to buy (minimum 20$ – maximum 20,000$). Next choose Approve

Step 6: Make the approval

Conduct transaction

Step 7: Select Buy TRUSTK

Click Confirm

Transaction execution

Successful transaction

Update waiting screen

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