How to Create Ads on TrustKeys P2P Platform?

Step 1: Click “P2P Transaction” on the homepage.

Step 2: Click “Advertisement“. Then click the icon  “+” to create a P2P transaction ad.


Step 3: Choose the “Buy” or “Sell” advertising form. Choose a crypto and a fiat currency. Set the price for 1 crypto then click “Next”.


Step 4: Enter the trading amount. (Once the transaction amount is set, the transaction cost and limit will automatically populate).

Step 5: Set transaction limits. (Optional)

Step 6: Click “Add” to add a payment method.

Step 6.1: For “Buy” advertising: Select the appropriate payment method.

Step 6.2: For “Sell” advertising:

Case 1: No payment method (or no suitable payment method).

1.1: Click “Add a payment method”.

1.2: Choose a payment method.

1.3: Fill in the information and click “Confirm”.

Case 2: The matching payment method is displayed. Click on the suitable payment method.

Step 7: Click “Next”.

Step 8: Add terms for ads. (Optional)

Step 9: Click on the icon to activate the ad. (Optional)

Step 10: Click “Post” your ad. 

Step 11: Select “OK” to confirm posting.

Step 12: Click the button to activate or deactivate the ad. Your partner will only see the ad when you set it “Online”.


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