Secure Chat with TrustKeys – All information is encrypted

Information security is an extremely important issue in any era. There are hundreds of applications that help people exchange information with each other in the world today, but are those applications encrypted? If you are looking for a secure chat application where all data is encrypted and only the recipient can decrypt, then TrustKeys SupperApp is an application that meets this.

TrustKeys SupperApp is a special application developed on the Blockchain platform. The accounts exist distributed on each terminal (decentralized). The real users are also the account owners, not the traditional service providers like many other applications.

The principle of data encryption when users exchange information can be understood through the following diagram:

Looking at the principle above you can see that all information exchanged between users is encrypted with a public key. Only the recipient can decrypt the data they receive because only the recipient has the private key to decrypt.

What does this mean?

Stolen exchange data cannot be decrypted so it makes no sense to steal information. Only the sender and receiver’s terminals can view the exchanged content. All calls and messages exchanged will be encrypted so users can have absolute peace of mind. Private information cannot be decrypted by the second device.

  When chatting in the TrustKeys app, you can set the display duration and auto-delete after a certain time. It helps secure information on the user’s device and keeps the memory from taking up a lot of space.

In addition to the secure chat function, TrustKeys is also a large ecosystem where Crypto lovers can invest, store and share information with the community. Learn more in the article:

What is TrustKeys Network? TrustKeys Network ecosystem in details.

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