Buy NFT VN Currency Notes – Get 80K FCup22! Be on Top Now!


In tune with the exciting spirit of the 2022 World Cup, TrustKeys Network has cooperated exclusively with the author of Vietnamese banknotes to NFT the collection with the aim of spreading the historical value of Vietnam’s currency along with the hot atmosphere heat of the 2022 World Cup matches!

From now to the end of World Cup 2022 tournaments, if you buy NFTs Vietnamese Currency, you will receive a big deal in the program “Going wild with World Cup, massive gifts from TrustKeys“.

This is deal to receive FCUP22 and list NFT you can buy:

Reward per each NFT boughtNFT priceList NFT
3000 FCUP223 BUSD
80000 FCUP22200 BUSD

Note that: If you sell or transfer this NFT currency during program time, you won’t receive the rewards. We only accept if you are the latest owner. 

Quickly buy a lot of NFTs to have a large number of FCUP22 to win the TrustKeys minigame program, specifically the prizes are as follows:

  • 01 Iphone 14 Pro Max
  • 01 Iphone 14 Pro
  • 200 second prizes

Together, let’s own Vietnamese currency NFTs to get big prizes!!!


Here is a guide to Buy any NFT:

  • Step 1: Access the NFT screen you want to buy, click the Buy Now button

  • Step 2: If you don’t have or don’t have enough crypto in your account, the market will suggest Convert to that cryptocurrency so you have enough money to buy NFT

  • Step 3: If you already have enough balance to buy that NFT, press the “Approve Item” button to Confirm


  • Step 4: To continue to complete the payment, press the “Checkout” button to complete the payment


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