WC 2022 match schedule

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The FIFA World Cup finals schedule in Qatar, from 20/11 to 18/12/2022 is complete and accurate.

World Cup 2022 group stage fixtures 

First round of matches

20/11 11PM (GMT+7) A Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
21/11 8PM (GMT+7) B England 6-2 Iran
11PM (GMT+7) A Senegal 0-2 Netherlands
22/11 2AM (GMT+7) B America 1-1 Wales
5PM (GMT+7) C Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia
8PM (GMT+7) D Denmark 0-0 Tunisia
11PM (GMT+7) C Mexico 0-0 Poland
23/11 2AM (GMT+7) D France 4-1 Australia
5PM (GMT+7) F Morocco 0-0 Croatia
8PM (GMT+7) E Germany 1-2 Japan
11PM (GMT+7) E Spain 7-0 Costa Rica
24/11 2AM (GMT+7) F Belgium 1-0 Canada
5PM (GMT+7) G Switzerland 1-0 Cameroon
8PM (GMT+7) H Uruguay 0-0 Korea
11PM (GMT+7) H Portugal 3-2 Ghana
25/11 2AM (GMT+7) G Brazil 2-0 Serbia

Second round of matches

25/11 5PM (GMT+7) B Wales 0-2 Iran
8PM (GMT+7) A Qatar 1-3 Senegal
11PM (GMT+7) A Netherlands 1-1 Ecuador
26/11 2AM (GMT+7) B UK 0-0 USA
5PM (GMT+7) D Tunisia 0-1 Australia
8PM (GMT+7) C Poland 2-0 Saudi Arabia
11PM (GMT+7) D France 2-1 Denmark
27/11 2AM (GMT+7) C Argentina 2-0 Mexico
5PM (GMT+7) E Japan 0-1 Costa Rica
8PM (GMT+7) F Belgium 0-2 Morocco
11PM (GMT+7) F Croatia 4-1 Canada
28/11 2AM (GMT+7) E Spain 1-1 Germany
5PM (GMT+7) G Cameroon 3-3 Serbia
8PM (GMT+7) H Korea 2-3 Ghana
11PM (GMT+7) G Brazil 1-0 Switzerland
29/11 2AM (GMT+7) H Portugal 2-0 Uruguay

Third round of matches

29/11 10PM (GMT+7) A Netherlands 2-0 Qatar
10PM (GMT+7) A Ecuador 2-3 Senegal
30/11 2AM (GMT+7) B Iran 0-1 USA
2AM (GMT+7) B Wales 0-3 England
10PM (GMT+7) D Australia 1-0 Denmark
10PM (GMT+7) D Tunisia 1-0 France
01/12 2AM (GMT+7) C Poland 0-2 Argentina
2AM (GMT+7) C Saudi Arabia 1-2 Mexico
10PM (GMT+7) F Croatia 0-0 Belgium
10PM (GMT+7) F Canada 1-2 Morocco
02/12 2AM (GMT+7) E Spain 1-2 Japan
2AM (GMT+7) E Costa Rica 2-4 Germany
10PM (GMT+7) H Uruguay vs. Ghana
10PM (GMT+7) H Korea vs. Portugal
03/12 2AM (GMT+7) G Serbia vs. Switzerland
2AM (GMT+7) G Cameroon vs. Brazil

2022 World Cup Round of 16 fixtures

03/12 10PM (GMT+7) Match 1 First in Group A Second in Group B
04/12 2AM (GMT+7) Match 2 First in Group C Second in Group D
04/12 10PM (GMT+7) Match 3 First in Group D Second in Group C
05/12 2AM (GMT+7) Match 4 First in Group B Second in Group A
05/12 10PM (GMT+7) Match 5 First in Group E Second in Group F
06/12 2AM (GMT+7) Match 6 First in Group G Second in Group H
06/12 10PM (GMT+7) Match 7 First in Group F Second in Group E
07/12 2AM (GMT+7) Match 8 First in Group H Second in Group G

2022 World Cup quarter-final fixtures

09/12 10PM (GMT+7) Quarterfinals  1 Win match 5 Win match 6
10/12 2AM (GMT+7) Quarterfinals  2 Win match 1 Win match 2
10/12 10PM (GMT+7) Quarterfinals  3 Win match 7 Win match 8
11/12 2AM (GMT+7) Quarterfinals  4 Win match 4 Win match 3

2022 World Cup semi-final schedule

14/12 2AM (GMT+7) Semifinal 1 QF2 QF1
15/12 2AM (GMT+7) Semifinal 2 QF4 QF3

Schedule for the 3rd place World Cup 2022

17/12 10PM (GMT+7) Lose to  Semifinal 1 Lose to  Semifinal 2

World Cup final match schedule 2022

18/12 2AM (GMT+7) Win to  Semifinal 1 Win to  Semifinal 2

The 2022 World Cup finals will start on November 20, 2022 and end on December 18, 2022 in Qatar.

The home team Qatar will play the opening match at 23:00 on November 20.

The 2022 World Cup finals will take place in the winter instead of the usual summer

This is the first time a World Cup has been held in the winter. This is also the second time in history, the largest football festival on the planet is held in Asia. Before that, the first time was the 2002 World Cup, which took place 20 years ago, in Japan and South Korea.

The reason why the 2022 World Cup must be held in the winter is because the summer temperature in Qatar is quite high, not suitable for holding football matches. Therefore, many tournaments around the world will have to adjust the schedule for the national teams to attend the 2022 World Cup finals.

The home team Qatar will play the opening match at 23:00 on November 20 at Al Bayt Stadium (Al Khor). With a capacity of 60,000 seats, this is one of the new stadiums built by Qatar for the 2022 World Cup finals.

One of the most notable information announced by FIFA is the time of the matches of the 2022 World Cup finals. Specifically, the group stage matches will take place in 4 local time frames at 13:00, 16:00, 19:00 and 22:00. According to Vietnam time, the matches will take place at 17h00, 20h00, 23h00 and 02h00. This is a beautiful time frame for Vietnamese audiences.

Starting from the knockout round (starting from the 1/8 round), the 2022 World Cup will switch to 2 new time frames at 22:00 and 02:00 (Vietnam time). The final will take place at 22:00 on December 18 at the Lusail Iconic Stadium with a capacity of 80,000 seats.

The group stage of the World Cup 2022 is expected to take place within 12 days, each day will have about 4 matches taking place.

8 groups of World Cup 2022:
Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands
Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales
Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland
Group D: France, Australia, Denmark Circuit, Tunisia
Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan
Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia
Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon
Group H : Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay , Korea

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