What does full Aggregation mean?

DeFi Trading Aggregation

We intend to aggregate most of public chains and most of the Dex environment. TrustKeys at present has collected almost 20 standard DEX suppliers from ETH, BSC, Tron, and ONT and assisted clients with tracking down the best trade costs by parting them into ways to accomplish the best cost and lower slippage exchanges. We will likewise uphold public chains like Polkadot, Solana, Eth Layer 2, and practically all standard wallets.

Cross-chain support

TrustKeys upholds cross-chain collaboration between the BSC and Ethereum and other public chains by means of Binance Bridge and will uphold direct cross-chain exchanges later on once the framework is prepared. We will likewise empower cross-chain exchanges by accumulating the Dex of the Polkadot ecosystem.

We empower withdrawal from any chain from your TrustKeys record to your wallet after your exchange on the amassed CEX, etc.

Connecting DeFi and CeFi through CeFi Trading Aggregation

Users can freely choose to trade on DEX or CEX at the best price after comparing price and liquidity. For the future, for users with large orders, we will automatically optimize the best route between centralized and decentralized exchanges to help users’ complete transactions at the best price on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Derivatives, Lending & Insurance Products Aggregation

TrustKeys supports an asset exchange service. Soon, we will aggregate centralized derivatives and decentralized derivatives trading platforms to provide derivatives trading services. For the aggregation of derivatives, we will achieve deep aggregation through portfolio margin. Users on TrustKeys will be able to trade both long and short on multiple exchanges simultaneously with combined gross margins from both defi and cefi.

In addition, TrustKeys will also aggregate lending and insurance products, as well as provide intelligent investment services to help users participate in the DeFi & Cefi ecosystem and automate their asset management process.

TrustKeys will support not only DeFi users but also CeFi users. Support is not only for novice traders but also for professional traders. The existing interface is user-friendly and completely free for users. For funds and professional traders, TrustKeys provides an API interface and customized trading interface services to assist investment institutions in developing trading strategies such as quantitative arbitrage.

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