Celebrating $LINDACEO Listing on Trustkeys: Join the Excitement with $2,000 Prize Pool

Hello Trustkeys Network Users!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Linda Yacc CEO to celebrate the listing of $LINDACEO on our platform.

To mark this occasion, we’re hosting the “$2,000 Prize Pool to Celebrate the Listing of $LINDACEO” campaign. The event will run from May 30, 2023 (15:00) (UTC) to June 6, 2023 (14:59) (UTC).

Here are the details of activities in the campaign:

Activity 1: Invite new users and get a chance to win a $300 LINDACEO Airdrop

  • You need to invite your friends and have them register using your unique invitation link/code. See the instructions here.
  • The invited user must pass KYC verification and have a total spot trading volume of 100 USDT or more in designated tokens within the campaign duration to qualify for the airdrop.

Activity 2:  Deposit to win a portion of the $500 LINDACEO Airdrop. 

The top 200 users with the highest net deposit amount of LINDACEO will get a part of the $500 in LINDACEO. 

*The reward for the qualified users = (Each user’s total net deposit amount / Top 200 users’ total net deposit amount) * $500 in LINDACEO.

See the deposit instructions here.

Activity 3: Trade to grab a share of $1200 LINDACEO Airdrop.

Trade in the LINDACEO/USDT trading pair with a total spot trading volume of ≥100 USDT to get a share of the $1200 LINDACEO Airdrop. The more you trade, the bigger your share will be. 

*The reward for the qualified users = (individual LINDACEO/USDT spot trading volume / total spot trading volume of all participants) * $1200 in LINDACEO.

However, rewards worth less than 0.1 USDT will not be given away.

Top Users Ranking

Prizes Pool Value









Guidelines and Conditions:
  1. The campaign will only consider trades made with the LINDACEO/USDT trading pair.
  2. Rewards distributed during this campaign will be in LINDACEO tokens.
  3. The cumulative trading volume and associated rewards will be calculated based on the total executed buys and sells.
  4. The distribution of rewards will be completed within 20 working days after the campaign concludes. Participants can check their rewards in their Wallet section on their account.
  5. Any participants found to be using multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage and win multiple prizes will be disqualified from the event.
  6. To receive the prize, the accounts must be KYC

So what are you waiting for? Join us now and don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Explore more about Linda Yacc CEO projects here:

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