Share and get TRUSTK with “SHARE TO EARN” to celebrate the event on October 28th

Your companionship is a great motivation to help bring the TrustKeys application to a large number of users around the world. Today, we created the program “SHARE TO  EARN” for you to not only accompany but also introduce this amazing ecosystem to the community you are participating in and receive attractive rewards.

“SHARE TO EARN” Content: 
1. Time
The program runs from October 22 to October 28.

2. Perform:
You use your personal facebook account to share information about the “TrustKeys Network” ecosystem project on any Crypto community you join.

With each successful post, you will be counted to reward with TRUSTK tokens to your TrustKeys SuperApp wallet.

There is no limit to the number of posts. The more posts you have, the greater the rewards.

3. Required content: Include text and images:

  • Text: 

At least 140 characters about the TrustKeys App or TrustKeys Network Ecosystem.

Have at least one of the following keywords: TrustKeys Network, TrusKeys Social Network, TrustKeys Secure Wallet, TrustKeys Exchange.

Have at least one of the following hashtags: #trustk, #trustkeys_network, #trustkeysuperapp

  • Image: 

Take at least one screenshot of your favorite TrustKeys Network app or pick one HERE


  • The community in which you share the article must have at least 10,000 members.
  • Each successful post must leave at least 03 comments with a brief introduction about the TrustKeys SupperApp.
  • Posts must be preserved until we verify and respond (after you’ve sent a report to the email below).
  • Join the program group

4. Calculation and payment method: 

The rules for the bonus are as follows:

+ 04 TRUSTK/post with full text and images.

+ 02 TRUSTK/post with text only.

TRUSTK rewards will be locked for 30 days from the date of payment and automatically opened at the end of the lock period.

Generate reports including:

  • The public key of the TrustKeys account. See how to get the public key: HERE
  • Link to an approved post with a screenshot of it.

Send a report including all information to email: so we can summarize and check.

Time of payment: After we finish checking the consolidated report.

Note: Any cheating will not be rewarded for any reasons.

TrustKeys is looking forward to your companionship!

Any questions that need support can be posted to the Group:

Read More:

What is TrustKeys Network? TrustKeys Network Ecosystem in details

Your questions can be quickly answered at the TrustKeys Network community sites:

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